28 December 2012

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Whoa. I posted consistently for so long, then just dropped off the face of the blogosphere. Sorry about that.
  2. The snow is pretty and all, but I'm so ready for spring/summer.
  3. Maggie is selling Girl Scout cookies! Yummo! I need to post it on my Facebook and send an email out.... $4/box. Let me know what you need :)
  4. I'll miss Dove Peppermint Bark Promises as the holiday season wraps up :(
  5. This holiday schedule has been so weird (with Christmas day and New Years day falling on Tuesdays). I have to put some real thought into it each time I want to know which day of the week it is.
  6. I think I'm so out of the writing groove that I can hardly even summon any randomness...
  7. Did I tell you about the new Sharpies I got for Christmas? They've the double point ones I mentioned in my wish list. One end is Ultra Fine Point, and the other end is Fine Point. They. Are. Awesome.
  8. I do believe I'm about ready to get back into my posting habit. At least by next week once the company is gone and everyone is back in their regular schedule. I know it's doable.
  9. And the office is getting a bit better. I think I'll have that on track once life is back to normal too. I think.
  10. But the new year brings the need to compile tax info. Ugh....

1 comment:

siteseer said...

can't even think about tax time yet... we don't have all the papers til the end of February or early March. Just wait and put it all together then ;)