14 December 2012

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Whoa. I am not random today. I heard about the school shooting in CT before I got going on my list. So my exhibits of randomness are crying randomly. Especially when I saw my daughter getting off the bus (shortly before we tackled each other in bear hugs).
  2. I am making my fabulous friend Kimmy's chicken dip for my ornament exchange tomorrow. But I forgot to get tortilla chips. So I'll be back at the store tomorrow. 
  3. Dinner plans are lame-o today. Meatballs and gravy, or maybe spaghetti? Something that doesn't require thawing or much effort, obviously.
  4. I listened to a fabulous training webinar yesterday, but I still didn't make my calls today. 'Too sad' sounds like a pitiful excuse, but this kind of misery doesn't love company, and I'd be too devastated if someone wanted to talk about 'how tragic.' So I didn't make the calls. Boo, me.
  5. I should pay the bills. That will be next on my list. After some random snuggles with my littles.
  6. And I'm going to hang my holiday cards up to look all festive for my party tomorrow.
  7. My headache just might be receding a bit more? I don't think it ever got to full strength, but it definitely got up enough momentum to be annoying today.
  8. Our neighborhood has a lot of houses decorated for the holidays. Yay!
  9. Maggie got a note from Pockey, our elf, when he came back from the North Pole this morning. She took it to school to show her friends, and she was still carrying it when she got off the bus this afternoon. How can she lose a hat, that should have been on her head, but not lose a random piece of paper ALL DAY LONG? Huh.
  10. Go give your kids an extra hug. Heck, give em to all the kids you know. Makes you feel better, and keeps them wondering what you're up to ;)

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