07 November 2012

What the Hell Wednesday

I have only one rant for WTH Wednesday. The presidential election.

Namely, it's over. So many (or maybe it just seemed that way due to their incessant posting) people on Facebook thought if they posted enough - for either side, they'd change someone else's mind. Of course not. But I bit my tongue and ignored their ridiculousness.

Now? The election is done. All the whining in the world will not put the candidate you're spouting off for into office. As a matter of fact, all the whining you're doing does nothing except make me think that much less of you.

As Maggie learned in preschool: "You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit."

Many of your rants before the election said you'd move out of the country if a certain candidate won. Well, now he's won. Start packing. Someone else would like to have your job.


siteseer said...

If they actually did what they said they would do then Hollywood would be dwindling fast. The Baldwins and Barbra Streisand were supposed to leave when Bush took office. Last I looked they were still there. Just more people spouting off. You get what you get make the best of it. Trust me, if I thought it was better somewhere else I'd be packing.... America is the best place on earth let's hope we can say that in the future.

Shannon and Randy said...

I liked the quotes that said "I'm leaving the country if Obama wins...and I'm leaving if Romney wins....I just want an excuse to travel."