06 November 2012

Random Tuesday Thoughts


When will I ever remember to get the glass of wine before I sit down to write this post??

I messaged hubby to try and get him to bring me one, but he's busy watching the Canadians call us a bunch of dumb hosers over the election. Fair enough.

Ugh. It feels reasonably good to sit and crank out a bunch of computer work/email stuff that needed tending too, but also pretty blah. You don't get immediate results, you know?

And when did I get so old? I'm ready to doze off doing menial tasks that used to sort of amuse me....

The library had the third book in the Fifty Shades series available today. So I grabbed it. The first two were tolerable, but I'll never be their biggest fan. I also got one called 'Manny' about a male nanny that looks amusing.

Wow, instead of Random Tuesday, this could have been called lame tuesday. Sorry :( I'll try to be wittier tomorrow.

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