08 November 2012

Fun Circus Night!

The kids and I went the the opening night for the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus last night in Auburn Hills, MI. Yay!! (By the way, 'opening night' means it isn't too late for you to go too - four tickets for $48 with promo code MOM at Ticketmaster.com.)

I was a little worried at first, but my daughter is a super help at five-years-old, so we were able to do it and all have a good time. We got our cotton candy with crazy wig/hat on the way in, took a few minutes to go down to the main floor for a temporary tattoo and watching some clowns hula-hoop, and then made to our seats so we were nice and cozy for showtime.

The circus is non-stop activity! Sometimes Jack had a hard time focusing, but Maggie was laughing uproariously at the clowns' antics. And it wasn't just because the young boys on the other side of her were laughing. I heard her this morning telling about the silly skits to her daddy.

She said the horses were her favorite. Toward the beginning of the 'Greatest Show on Earth' there were three rings of horses - two sets of regular horses and one set of ponies. I really liked watching the elephants and the gymnasts. I also thought the people in the spring shoes who did their show in black light so their costumes glowed were pretty cool.

By half-way through, Jack was done. He nursed one last time and fell asleep in my arms during intermission. I had to wake the poor guy to go home after the show. Maggie also admitted she might have dozed toward the end ;)

Obviously I'll take every chance I can to see the circus, but leaving the house at 6:30 for a show that didn't end til 10pm definitely takes its toll on a school night. I'd have opted for the Friday or Saturday showing, but we've got other plans to look forward to. Hope you can make it out while the circus is in town!

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