13 November 2012

Tuesday Random Thoughts


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I totally thought I beat my cold over the weekend, then I woke up horribly run down and stuffy yesterday. Bring on more vitamin C and echinacea!

There are now a few nights when hubby will have to work late. Hopefully once I get the kids in bed I can focus on some paperwork I've been thinking too much about but not yet doing ;) Night time is usually the right time for my productivity!

I want to focus on direct sales gift stuff for myself for my 'twelve days of christmas.' If you're a direct seller, please let me know! What a great time of year for a post or link swap ;)

Jack and I went and took daddy out for lunch today. Kalamata Grill - YUM!! There's still one piece of OMG Taco Bake left in the fridge, but it will probably be gone after dinnertime, if you get my drift...

And so much for my Menu Plan Monday again. With hubby gone Tuesday and Wednesday for dinner, and wanting to go out on Thursday, my plan is wasting away quickly ;)


siteseer said...

we did a pork roast on Sunday and leftovers on Monday. Today is pizza and some kind of pot meal that will take us Wednesday and Thursday. Cooking is easy for 2

Stacy Uncorked said...

I'm battling the beginning of a cold, too - not cool just before Thanksgiving. I think I should follow your lead and dose up on vitamin C and echinacea too! :) Hope you feel better soon!

I'm the opposite - mornings are my time for productivity, but the hubby just started teaching the night class again this term so he's home and underfoot in the mornings. I need to shift my productivity brain and see if I can get things accomplished late in spite of being a morning person. :)

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