09 November 2012

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. At least one giveaway coming this weekend - probably two! Please check back :)
  2. Can't wait? Head over to Try Going GREEN now and enter the kids' toy giveaway there.
  3. My throat is a bit scratchy. So I'm taking vitamin C like twelve hundred times a day. Because I finally have plans! Two chocolate parties this weekend, and two events and a party next weekend. Can't. Get. Sick.
  4. It looks cold out again today. Luckily I'm caught up on errands, so we don't have to go out til it's time to get sissy from the bus stop.
  5. I miss having my nails painted, but I've broken a bunch of them off lately, and it's no fun trying to paint the jagged edge that is half skin.
  6. I have so much 'fun' paperwork to do - labeling postcards for an event ending in December, as well as postcards for Christmas delivery cut-off for orders - but I feel like every time I work on it is time I take away from Jack. And he's so much fun :D
  7. Word is in - TWO giveaways starting this weekend. One for the grown-ups tomorrow, and one for the kiddies on Sunday :)
  8. I love OMG Taco Bake, but somehow it just isn't what I want for lunch. Huh.
  9. Maggie also said she was 'snuffley' yesterday. I went ahead and put Vick's on her feet last night and hopefully we can all get better really quick instead of worse. Jack's the only one still right as rain. Yay, breastmilk!
  10. Just found out wonderful friends from Texas will be here for New Years!! Party at our house (with the littles ;) ). Can't wait <3

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