12 October 2012

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I'm cold. Maybe I can just pre-post that as #1 for the next several months?
  2. I'm hungry. This is a moderately new complaint :)
  3. I was feeling all ambitious about getting to the post office, and the Girl Scout store, and home for a leisurely afternoon. I'm changing my mind already. I think it's a nice chilly morning to start a fire, nurse and nap, eat my last tuna-fish sandwich for lunch, and then do our running around this afternoon...
  4. The bus is scheduled to start coming four minutes earlier on Monday. Today the substitute driver was at least six minutes earlier than that! When the bus arrived, there were TWO kids (Maggie being one of them, thankyouverymuch). I mentioned to the bus driver that there are usually a lot more. Sure enough, he waited a minute or two and ended up with TEN....
  5. Oops. I remember why I wanted to go out first thing. Our nap is done, and lunch is done, and I'm all mellow and comfy now. Huh...need to re-fire my motivation!
  6. Oh, but the nap was very, very nice :)
  7. I cleaned up my Facebook last night. Deleted several groups whose posts just annoyed me, and weren't really useful to my life anymore. I sort of feel like a captive when I usually browse Facebook on my phone. So glad I remembered what I wanted to get rid of once I was on the computer instead.
  8. I fell into my usual trap and stayed up too late working in my office last night since Andy wasn't home. Now I'm tired. :(
  9. After ordering a bunch of holiday promotion stuff last night, I realized I'm now out of the hostess welcome packets I really like. Since I promised myself I'd only purchase from one company per month, and I'm done for October, it'll have to wait. See my mad will-power??
  10. Watch for my next post - I'm going to re-post the much requested OMG Taco Bake I found on Pinterest from The Country Cook.

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siteseer said...

OH NO!!! I've been unfriended again. :)