17 October 2012

The Best Disney on Ice Yet!

I wish I'd been able to take pictures, but my camera phone isn't really fond of the darkness of the arena during the show, and I was busy juggling my daughter, her new Pascal shirt, nachos, soda and a pretzel out on the concourse ;) So not even a picture of her and her friend being truly captivated by the show!

The past Disney on Ice shows had a lot of couples skating, with Rapunzel & Flynn, or Cinderella & Prince Charming, or Belle & the Beast, or...well, you get the picture. Disney on Ice Rockin Ever After had several numbers with a lot of the cast, and I loved it! The last number before intermission even had Maximus the horse (and kudos to whoever skates in the back of that thing!).

I'm sure the girls' age played into it some, but I don't think my attention span has changed much. We all loved watching more skaters at one time. The moves may not have been as fancy (although there was still plenty of couples skating for that too), but the music and choreography of that many people was impressive and enjoyable.

Thanks for another great show, Disney on Ice and Feld Entertainment!

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