18 October 2012

Living MY Dream

I caught a snippet of someone's Facebook share the other day. They were sharing from a page called Buddhist Boot Camp, and the beginning of the status they shared was, "We're being sold an "American Dream" as if it was a recipe for happiness..." It went on to discuss material accumulation instead of creating and making your own idea of happiness as the fault of so much misery.

I actually went back and found it - wow! Because it was reflecting an idea that occurred to me months ago. So many people say they want to be 'living the dream,' but I'm so happy to be living MY dream. 

Being with my kids - yes, all day, every day - is absolutely my dream.

Hahahaha.....because I'm living my dream, I can now interrupt this post for the night because one of my little dreams is awake and wanting me by his side again <3. I know I'll have dreams just for myself again someday, but for now I want nothing more than to have my kids happy and healthy.

What's your dream?

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