16 October 2012

Calgon - Take Me Away!

Between PMS, being sick (mastitis!), hubby traveling, and stressing about my business lately, I'm ready for a break! Two years ago at this time hubby and I were getting ready for a road trip to South Carolina for a Halloween party. In a couple years (when Jack's a bit older) I'm sure we'll be doing things like that again :)

For now, I'm satisfying my wanderlust with one hand while nursing the baby. Again ;) I'm looking at possible travel I can book on my phone with just a couple thumb swipes. As Jack falls asleep, I'm on my way (mentally, at least) to somewhere warmer, or at least somewhere with no laundry and dishes to be done by me!

Being able to do it all with just one app means even I can swing it. Hubby admittedly gets a bit frustrated with me when he's rattling off what to look for in accommodations while he's driving. I hate using the full browser on my phone. I feel it's too slow and it drives me nuts trying to find the functionality I'm used to on my 'big' computer. But an app with just travel-y stuff is set up much easier for me to use with minimal guidance, and faster, so I'm not getting carsick at the same time.

I have to admit, when I'm surfing for hotels from my recliner, the reviews are the most amusing. Imagining someone else's good (or bad!) experience really adds to my mental trip. Maybe I should be entering some of my more memorable travels as reviews for the applicable hotel? Luckily my trips are usually acceptable. With nothing super-good or super-bad to report, I usually get sucked in the the aforementioned laundry and dishes once I'm back in my real life :)

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