08 October 2012


Ugh! Tonight I'm wishing for the convenience of uniforms and scrubs again. Not that I've ever worn them before, but it's got to be easier than realizing at 9PM that I have no jeans clean for tomorrow...and an appointment at 9AM. Oh, and it would be considerably less of an issue if I didn't need to air-dry all my jeans so the length doesn't shrink ;)

I debated wearing dress pants tomorrow just because, but all those are years old and horribly un-stylish too. I'm aware that scrubs aren't exactly flattering, on anyone, but at least they're required so everyone at the office is on even ground, right?

Anyone have some jeans they'd recommend? Mine are from 2006. Remember back then? Pretty low cut, so now all of my shirts have to be a little longer, because crack is whack. What's an old frumpy mom with a toddler (read: lots of bending and sitting on the floor) to do? :(


denise said...

No clue about jeans, but I do have to buy some scrubs tomorrow. You're welcome to join me ;)

siteseer said...

hey, scrubs are perfect. people don't know where you work, they would just think you were coming from work ;)