19 October 2012

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I have more posts to do, but this seemed easiest to warm up with ;)
  2. I actually have lots of fun stuff to do. This week saw the delivery of catalogs and lots of holiday-ish stickers to go on them. I'll probably head from here to downstairs in front of the TV to stick things up.
  3. Ugh. That's two random-ness-es in a row ending grammatically poorly.
  4. There's also at least one phone call to be made. I received a hostess packet mailed last week back in the mail because the address didn't work. I can't bring chocolate to someone's house if I don't know where they live!
  5. Phone call done. :)
  6. While I don't mind being home a lot this month with cancellations instead of chocolate parties, I do miss the paycheck ;)
  7. It hardly seems fair that it was drizzly and cold this morning when Maggie's class was outside looking at the fire truck, but now it looks beautiful. 
  8. Sometimes I wish I could tag people in blog posts. I'd love to make a firefighter reference here for my friend Nancy B. :)
  9. I am looking forward to organizing things a bit in the office before my busy month/season. So far I've got five parties and three events in November, which of course rapidly feeds into December and January. So I want to set up my calendar for all of that time, so I'm ready to take full advantage!
  10. Looking at my calendar that far in advance makes me really nervous about the St Kitts trip! I'm almost half-way there. And I hope when I go, the hubby and kids will be in a great mood when I leave, so I'm not miserable and homesick for the first half of the trip...

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