20 October 2012

Sexy Saturday

So it did. I decided to go with the Seductive Saloon Girl costume (that's exactly the title on the package). Looking at the link now, I'm glad I decided when I did - it's now sold out! I knew the full meaning of the holiday was sinking in for my five-year-old daughter when she brought me a sexy cat costume last night at the costume store. Luckily she choose the floor-length vampire costume. To go with the glow-in-the-dark fangs she got recently.

As much as I am for women's rights and equality, I also don't have any problem with everyone getting a little playful and more, well, sexy for the holiday. I don't think dressing like a hootchie, or having my daughter see me like this, once a year is going to re-direct her career aspirations. I'm sure she still wants to be an acrobat in the circus, or a ninja, or maybe a fairy. But none of it is because I let it all hang out on October 31.

Being able to comfortably play a role (and knowing that it is just a temporary role) can be empowering. Having men ogle me for one night a year does not have to be demeaning. I certainly don't want my daughter to borrow my saloon girl costume any time soon, but I fully expect she will grown into a beautiful woman and wear it, or something like it, eventually.

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