05 October 2012

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I'm tired. As usual?
  2. I have two boxes of chocolate downstairs, including my very favorites Pure Dark Sea-Salted Rounds. I'm resisting.
  3. I'm heading upstairs because I have an appointment to close a chocolate show over the phone now. But there's no answer at the number I have for her. Somehow, I'm afraid the fates are waiting til the kids are awake and needy before she calls me back. ;)
  4. I should probably get a nap while the kids do...
  5. This weekend we should totally bring all the Halloween decorations upstairs and get to decorating :)
  6. When I played a while ago, I used to be much better at Bejeweled Blitz.
  7. I made another little bit of a dent in my office mess the other day. But I never did get the desk cleared according to my challenge last weekend again :(
  8. I'm sort of glad the weather is cooling off, so I can quit showing up places exceptionally cozy in my hoodies.
  9. Remember when I went to the local photographer for the kids' free sitting a couple weeks ago? The pictures came out really cute. We ordered a couple of prints last night. If you're my friend on Facebook, you've probably already seen them on my page :)
  10. Even when every day is nearly the same, you can still look forward to the weekend. Go figure.

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