04 October 2012

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I LOVE about Sesame Street. And I watch a lot of Sesame Street. When we're not watching it on PBS, I'll also sometimes turn it on from the Netflix for Jack. So, my thirteen things - which may or may not be my most favoritest, since it's late and I'm writing under pressure...
  1. Several of the re-made pop songs to teach cool concepts, like when Feist is on and sings 1-2-3-4
  2. The Count, who isn't on every episode, but I love when he finds the number of the day with his organ.
  3. Bert & Ernie's Great Adventures. Especially the one where they take care of the plant store. And the one with the car you have to sing to (I told you I've seen too much Sesame Street!).
  4. Abby Cadabby's Flying Fairy School. Where's Gonnigan? He's gone again.
  5. How captivated Jack is by Elmo's World.
  6. Snuffleupagus. Who never gets enough air time.
  7. The worm grand prix.
  8. The part of Elmo's World when Elmo asks a baby about the word of the day. And the baby just sits there, being a baby.
  9. The episode with the elephant getting stuck everywhere.
  10. Dancing with Triangles!
  11. Outdoor Nature Survival Guy (at least I think that's his name).
  12. Super Grover 
  13. The opening song. Any version. It makes me happy just to hear it :)


denise said...

Yes, to all of this. I especially love their silly songs DVDs.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget the "James Brown" Soul letter H! You've hit just about all my favorites too. Too bad Joel isn't into Sesame Street anymore. Kinda miss watching it with him and reliving what I loved about it growing up.