23 September 2012

What and Cheese??

Okay. This may be the post where you find out I'm nuts. Nah, you probably already have an idea ;)

But one of my pet peeves is establishments where they offer 'macaroni' and cheese, and the noodles are clearly not macaroni. We ate at Boston Market today and received spiral pasta, not macaroni. And not because they ran out of macaroni or anything. It's what they serve with cheese. Yet they have the nerve to call it Macaroni and Cheese. Macaroni is not a specific term meaning noodle, it's a specific type of noodle. Jeesh.

And now I'd like to step away from my rant to thank Photobucket for apparently agreeing with me. In searching for the nifty graphic you see with this post, I searched for 'macaroni and cheese.' My original goal was to show you the non-macaroni we were served today. But all the pictures that came up on the search were appropriate - showing noodles of the macaroni variety. I have no idea if it was all real cheese. ;)

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