22 September 2012

Sexy Saturday

If you read yesterday you already know that I spent some time pondering what I wanted to write for today's Sexy Saturday. I was strongly considering brief bios (and pictures, of course) of some of my favorite leading men. But my hubby had an even better suggestion. When I asked him for an idea, he said, "What about your new haircut?" What about it indeed.

I got my hair cut on Thursday. See, I strongly prefer having short hair, but hubby will be the first to say he prefers it long. I don't care enough about it to piss him off by cutting it, if that makes sense. So it's been growing for a while again. In the past, I've had it as short as a pixie, or a little longer and spiky, or all the stages between there and long. This time I've gone with a modern chin-length bob. (I tried to find a cool picture to put here, but I didn't get one the day the nice lady blew it out for me, and none of the starlet pictures really jumped out at me. So Google it if you're not sure what I mean.)

And what does this have to do with sexy? Everything, I think. I don't think it matters how sexy your partner is if you don't feel sexy about yourself. The thing that can make me feel sassy and sexy in a hurry is a haircut I really like. A new color of lipstick may make you feel a little fiesty for the first few minutes it's on, but it's forgotten before long. Lacy new underthings can also start the day off on a hot note, and even end it there, but during the regular run of the day, it isn't usually predominant in your thoughts. Hair, on the other hand, is always reminding you it's been cut.

Having a few inches taken off of my hair has made it so much more swingy that I hold my head a little differently. I don't have to adjust my hair when I put on a coat or jacket. But even feeling those differences, my favorite thing is catching my reflection in a mirror. There's always that first split second of thinking, "Hey - cute!" and then realizing I'm paying myself the automatic compliment. What a boost!

What's your favorite thing to do to feel sexy? Is it more about the super sexy moment, or feeling like a sexier, more confident person all day long?

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