24 September 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: I have a meeting at Denny's, so I'm thinking breakfast for dinner. Hubby said he might make himself and Maggie grilled cheese sandwiches or something.

Tuesday:  There's a fundraiser for one of my brother's co-worker's kids at one of our favorite restaurants, so I think we may be eating at G's :)

Wednesday: Hmm... Spaghetti sounds easy and tasty.

Thursday: I've got a vendor event starting before hubby usually even gets home. So I'll end up having a granola bar or something. Hubby is supposed to take the kids to our local Culver's, where Maggie's school is having a 'Dine to Donate' (read: fundraiser).

Friday: Something simple at home again. Maybe kielbasa and shells & cheese?

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