21 September 2012

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Huh...what should I write about for Sexy Saturday tomorrow?
  2. I got my hair cut! It's a 'modern chin-length bob' and I love it!!
  3. I really want to get to working on the office again. You'd think I'd have more time with one in school, but the other one is at a very clingy stage :) I don't mind much, since he's the last baby I'll have.
  4. I'm in the process of making cinnamon rolls right now. The big problem is that they aren't really mine to eat...I'll have some leftover, but they're mostly for my tasting party tomorrow at Lee Ann's house..
  5. I'm making a super-rich and gooey dessert for the chocolate tasting party at my house on Sunday! Based on a Pinterest or Pampered Chef recipe (I've seen it through both), but made with all Dove Chocolate Discoveries exclusive deliciousness!
  6. I get to go to a Jewel Kade party tonight :) I've been looking forward to seeing the new Halloween charm. It finally became available online - it's a bat! Yay! Maggie will be so excited to see it.
  7. I need to remember to send an extra shirt to school with Maggie. Her teacher likes to keep an extra set of clothes at the top of each kid's locker. The shirt Maggie was keeping there ended up being the one she needs to wear in the parade on Sunday (Homecoming), so I swiped it while I was at the school yesterday. Hope she doesn't need a spare today, because I forgot to send it in!
  8. I can't wait til my 31 order from earlier in the month arrives. I got something for Maggie for Christmas (don't tell!), as well as a special tote for her coloring books/crayons, and a new camera bag for me.
  9. I am being very strongly reminded of why I prefer to book my chocolate shows at the beginning of the month. I had a cancellation the first week of September, and another cancellation for tomorrow, and I'm really edgy about maintaining progress toward my consistency award! When the first cancellation happened, I scheduled my own party for this Sunday, but there isn't much I can do to make up for just having one party instead of two tomorrow.
  10. I still don't have any ideas for Sexy Saturday. Maybe I'll just put up a bit about my favorite sexy star.

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