25 September 2012

Random Tuesday Thoughts


What is it about me and Tuesday getting along all of a sudden? Second week in a row I'm blogging before the kids go to bed...heck, shortly after we all got up! But it's quiet downstairs, so Jack may be napping already..

Today is Maggie's picture day. She chose to wear her black shirt with the glitter and skulls on the front (yes, she is definitely my child) with a light teal polka-dotted skirt. And orange barrettes in her hair. Who am I to stifle artistic expression??

Since I'm moving and actually checking things off the to-do list this early, I think Jack and I may make it to story time again! I hope Maggie isn't too upset that I'll also return her books and stuffed bat puppet to the library also, since they're due on Thursday and we don't go to the library much now that she's in school all day.

Ahhh...there's the screaming. Jack is up and raring to go for story time, apparently. ;)

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