06 September 2012

Another Love

Well, I already told you all about my favorite eye makeup remover. Today we're moving onto something even more universally appealing: Food. Even better, easy to cook food.

Perhaps you're familiar with the well-known 'hamburger helper.' If you actually know how to cook, you may not even realize there's also chicken helper (and tuna helper, I think, but this post isn't about that). The best of the best is the Whole Grain Helper Honey Mustard Chicken. I assume the 'whole grain' thing is in the name so we'll all be thinking it's health food, but I'm really not getting my hopes up. And no, I haven't read the label - based on the convenience factor, I'm not expecting any miracles in the area of health and wellness.

I have an unnatural affinity for this stuff. Luckily hubby doesn't hate it. How much I liked it didn't become nearly as amusing until I realized it's only regularly carried at one of the grocery stores I visit. So on one visit, I bought them out (about seven boxes). There's now a box in the bottom of my pantry full of this stuff. But that wasn't enough. I went back the next week and did it again. So now I have well over a dozen boxes on hand.

Better hope I don't change my mind, but I don't see that happening. The chicken is always nice and juicy, and the mustard flavor is subtle enough that my daughter just thinks it's honey chicken (please don't tell her otherwise). Our favorite part is absolutely the glaze. See, the last ten minutes is spent just letting this powdery stuff essentially melt onto the chicken and rice mixture, and it ends up almost crunchy. Definitely delicious.

Try and tell me if you don't agree. If your local grocery doesn't carry it, check another one in town. And then you may want to grab a few boxes once you find them available....

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