07 September 2012

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Only six entries so far - your odds are good! Enter here for my current contest :)
  2. Well, Jack is now 11 months old, but I haven't yet scheduled his nine-month well-baby check. Oops. Might as well wait for his one-year now...
  3. Okay. Just got one coat of polish on my nails. Looks a little spotty. Think the boy-child will cooperate enough at some point today for me to get a second coat?
  4. Hubby and I have half a date tonight! First we have a family dinner, but it's at a not-kid-friendly restaurant (which is why we lined up a sitter ;) ). So we're heading there, then off to the Yelp! Turns it up to 11 party! Yelp events are the best - can't wait!
  5. I'm sort of at loose ends this morning. Maggie is at school, so I feel like I'm missing a chunk of myself...
  6. I hate when it gets quiet downstairs. If Jack stops babbling, it usually means he fell asleep. But the mom in me has to confirm. And if he isn't asleep, he remembers he'd rather be held by me once he sees me. So the screaming commences.
  7. It sure is a pretty day outside.
  8. Made a recipe from Pinterest for dinner last night - OMG Taco Bake. Super easy and delicious, even Maggie ate a whole piece!
  9. I did go check on Jack. He's quietly watching Elmo :)
  10. I think I may pull my big ole Doc Martens out tonight. With my black mini-dress. Because it sounds fun :)

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