26 August 2012

Miracle Balm!

One Love Organics Skin Savior.

You. Have. Got. To. Get. This. Stuff.

I don't know yet what you need it for, but you need it. According to the label, you can use it for 'head-to-toe cleansing, moisturizing, conditioning, smoothing and massaging.' It's a waterless beauty balm that I originally received in a Birchbox a couple months ago.

It was sitting on my bathroom counter after I'd already had it for at least a couple weeks, and I was annoyed with my oily eye-makeup remover. So I swiped a finger in this combination of plant oils and extracts and gently touched it to my dark, smudgy eyelid (although I now see it says, 'Keep out of eyes.' Bah). It's awesomely thick and creamy, and I don't have to rub my eyes to get the waterproof makeup off. I slather on some Skin Savior, then wash it off with water and a washcloth in the shower.

Skin Savior is, quite honestly, my biggest regret from my infamous annual girls' weekend to Baltimore in July. The regret being that I left it in a hotel in Maryland without realizing that it ain't cheap! It makes me sad to know that housekeeping most likely just swept it into a trash bin without realizing its value, and the tears I was shedding at its loss.

I ordered my own full-priced, new container. And you should too. If I ever become ever so slightly disenchanted with it, I'm sure a new miraculous use will re-ignite my passion quickly. The blog and other links around the site reference more uses for it, including a hair pomade, and turning powder mineral makeup into a smooth, flawless foundation (to be removed again by the Skin Savior as a makeup remover!). Obviously, I could go on and on. Just buy some. You won't be sorry. And then come back and let me know your favorite use.

This is a completely unbiased and uncompensated product review. I just really, really love this stuff.

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siteseer said...

I'll stick with my Oil Of Olay. I've used it for years and I love it!