20 September 2012


I've been wanting to post a rant about something that really annoyed me in our SmallTown, USA, but it has finally been rectified!

See, since we moved in, it has bothered me extremely that the sign at the north end of a road connecting two relatively major roads spelled the road name with an 's' at the end (which is the way the whole town identified the road), but the sign at the south end of the same road gave the road name as not ending with the 's'.

It bothered me. Some may say to an irrational extent. But so be it.

Luckily, the road commission apparently doesn't procrastinate as bad as I do. I never got around to my scathing post before they fixed the sign. I'm assuming this means I wasn't the only one bothered, and someone else brought it to their attention (probably multiple someone elses...). The other option is they picked up on the animosity in my glare everytime I drove by. Since that glare never gets such results anywhere else in my life, that likely wasn't the catalyst, I know.

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