09 August 2012

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen reasons I should blog more regularly:
  1. So you'll keep coming back, knowing there will be something new ;)
  2. My life will be easier to review for myself by just checking my blog posts.
  3. It makes me take more pictures, to highlight the whole thing.
  4. There are opportunities for income and product reviews by being a regular blogger!
  5. Writing regularly helps me clear my mind.
  6. Writing regularly keeps me thinking (busying my mind? Huh.).
  7. It is an outlet for me, so I don't yap my poor husband's ear off every night. Ideally, anyway.
  8. It makes it easier for my husband to keep up with our day-to-day lives when he's traveling for business.
  9. I've come this far (10+ years?)...why stop now?
  10. It's another venue to promote my chocolate business.
  11. I've found out it's something besides Facebook that keeps me in touch with some friends (say hi!).
  12. I actually have more interesting thoughts than I frequently blog about, and by getting on to write regularly, I may get in the habit of expressing these more interesting thoughts. ;)
  13. Because you love me!! (Right?)


Wendy said...

I love number 7, I have to talk to myself in the car on the way home so I don't over do it with my husband.

siteseer said...

#7 heh for all you do for them (Wendy included) listening is the least they can do for you :) Love YOu