14 August 2012

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Random Maggie funny quote this week: "Well, you're old. But you're still alive." I think that was intended to be a compliment?

I'm losing track of time pretty quickly this week. Which wouldn't be a big deal, but I'm expecting the new cleaning company to come by on Thursday afternoon, and I'm petrified that I'll forget and still be hanging out in my PJs when they come to the door. Ugh.

I've been feeling a little more motivated each day to work on my office. Now, before you get carried away, I haven't actually done anything lately. But the fact that I'm thinking about it is very promising for when hubby is out of town next week. I usually spend a few nights working on this sort of stuff when I'm not trying to spend time with him after the kids are in bed...

So I'm now feeling accomplished for finally getting another post up. And I need to stop thinking of randomness and get to work! Tomorrow evening is a fundraiser where I'll hopefully meet 45 new friends who love chocolate! Wish me luck :)

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siteseer said...

my random thought is that I need to get off the computer and work on Janet's birthday gift lol