24 July 2012

Random Tuesday Thoughts


  • My headache went away again for now, but this afternoon I thought I might die. I really, really hope it's gone this time (although it was gone last night too....before it came back this morning...).
  • And to follow-up - because of said headache, I didn't get as much laundry done today as I should have. Tomorrow I need to pack for my trip to Dove Chocolate Discoveries' National Conference!! I fly out Thursday morning, so 'down to the wire' is approaching quickly!
  • Which makes me wonder why I'm blogging instead of folding. But honestly, I've got blog stuff that has to get done before I leave too....so I'm just choosing to do it now instead of tomorrow. Yeah..um..go, me?
  • I am SO EXCITED for conference. I will miss the kiddos terribly, but I need a break (and even better than just a break - spending it with one of my best friends!)

1 comment:

Elle said...

Have a great time at your conference! It is so awesome to get away for a few days.