25 August 2012

Sexy Saturday

Sexis - a provocative sex magazine at EdenFantasys.com
I'm feeling a little sassy lately. Don't worry, this will still certainly be a family-friendly blog, but it doesn't have to be sexually explicit to be sexually open, does it?

 Several things have brought the subject of sex to the forefront of my thoughts lately. Unfortunately, none of them have brought a smile to my face at the same time. I'd like to try and change that.

 Sex should be fun, safe, comfortable and not judgmental. If you want to buy sex toys online, that should be your business (oh, maybe I should have said, I'm family friendly, but still talking to legal grown-ups, hopefully!). 

Sex, and sexy, should not be defined by size. A friend of mine posted the picture below on her Facebook a few weeks ago with the disclaimer, "Sorry girls who I offend, but it's the truth." Really? While on the one hand I can agree that skinny is not a requirement to be sexy, I've never been overweight either. Does that mean I'm 'not sexy?' Ha! I hope my husband would disagree if you said that!

Skinny isn't a requirement to being sexy anymore than fat is. Sexy is one of the most individualized qualities a person has (and I do think everyone is sexy, to the right person).

Take one of the latest pop-crazes: Fifty Shades of Grey. I'm not here to argue about its literary merits, but the basic concepts discusses are sexy to some (who are probably out buying collars and random accessories instead of reading my blog!). Luckily the book has been well-enough publicized that those who squirm at the ideas portrayed in the book probably will never accidentally read it. And that's okay. People who love the book and its ideas can be sexy. People who are appalled by the book and its ideas can be sexy too.

And on that note, while still keeping this PG rated, what's sexy to you? What's the first thing you notice about someone you'd consider as a partner, or what makes you feel irresistible and hubba-hubba about yourself as a sexy adult? I'm not asking for any reason besides my own intellectual curiosity. Humor me.

I'm receiving a gift card from edenfantasys for my objective post. Yay for honest disclosure :).

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siteseer said...

I agree with your comments. I do think that the picture is stating that people who are making themselves sick trying to be what someone else might define as sexy is not healthy. A strong healthy body can be any shape or size. Emphasis on 'healthy'.