24 August 2012

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. It's way warmer outside than I expected today! (Based on my first trip outside, to the mailbox, just ten minutes ago.)
  2. I've been posting a bit more regularly - hope I can keep it up!
  3. The house, oddly enough, is really not a disaster area. I tend to pick up a bit less when hubby's gone, but the scattering of toys truly doesn't bother me. I had Maggie pick everything up yesterday, and she chose to bring most of it back to where she likes to play today, and that's okay.
  4. I totally wasted a night of work and organization in my office yesterday to instead hang out and visit with an old friend. Completely. Worth. Every. Minute. :D
  5. We still haven't done Maggie's school shopping. I should pick a day next week to do it. If I wait until the mood strikes, it may be too late.
  6. I suddenly started getting baby formula coupons in the mail again. Yay? My son is (as my daughter was) breastfed. We don't do fake milk, or non-human milk for human babies. The coupons are just sort of a yay because I turn around and sell them. For less than face value, but more than I had when I started ;) I figure it beats throwing them away.
  7. I have no definite plans to leave the house today, but also no plans for dinner (which means we may play the 'pick a restaurant' game).
  8. I'm sort of glad Maggie's over tired from playing so late with her friend last night. I'm looking forward to putting her back to bed on time tonight and getting some things accomplished.
  9. If you pray, funnel positive energy, or spread white light, I'd really appreciate any help toward getting a new team member with my chocolate work team this month. I'm putting in the elbow-grease, phone calls and emails from this end to my promising leads, so anything you can chip in could push it to my side ;)
  10. I've got a couple of un-endorsed but passionately felt product reviews in mind. There's a few things I run across in my day-to-day life that I love and would feel great about sharing. Coming soon...

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siteseer said...

I was real excited to see Denise is going to nursing school. Glad you had an evening together. Hope you get your lead.