21 August 2012

Random Tuesday Thoughts


That glass of wine always looks so tasty.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I made almost a dozen calls this evening to people who had previously looked at Dove's chocolatier opportunity. My team has suddenly dwindled when I wasn't looking :( I want more co-workers! I miss having people to call and say, "Great job!" or give suggestions to, or be here to take calls from. Are you looking for an extra $200, $500 or $1000 or more each month? Direct sales is about getting paid what you're worth - do you get that at your current job? If you've ever considered doing something in your spare time that's fun and rewarding (both personally and financially!), please contact me using the information on the linked website, or in the comments (I moderate them, so your personal info will not show up here).

Hubby's been gone for four days now. We're getting by fine. It sounds like he's worse off for missing us. It's an odd sort of time anyway at home, being between Maggie's fun summer classes, but still before the real school year starts. Add in the fact that today is the first day I've been mostly headache free, and I haven't really had a chance to dwell on how busy I am taking care of both kids without regular adult interaction (miss you, honey!).

The weather is beautiful here lately. I'm sure we'll have another few days like living in an oven, but right now these sunny, 70 degree days are really doing it for me.

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siteseer said...

I love the 70's.... wish we could have it year around.