22 August 2012


Well, at least I'm thinking about cleaning, and that's progress in my world. The catch is, I want to clean, but I'm also really inspired to work my business lately - and I can only focus on one at a time. So most of my evenings are spent straightening until I find something that is a WONDERFUL idea to do for work, and the cleaning falls to the wayside.

I suppose if I really wanted to clean, I'd go where there's no reminders of chocolate work. Instead of just scavenging for empty beer cans when I go through the garage, I could clean up the debris around the gantry crane, break down some of the obviously dead cardboard boxes, maybe even throw away the busted dryer motor that's been underneath the dryer for more than a year.

That's just stuff I could do if I really wanted to clean, though. What I really want to do? Is what I want to do!

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siteseer said...

I wish I had a good day to do some cleaning. The computer is my nemisis.