17 August 2012

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. The last three days have felt like 'Friday' to me. I'm glad it's actually finally here.
  2. If it makes you feel any better, I've felt guilty several times this week for not posting each day, especially after my whine last time that I wanted to post more. Yeah.
  3. I cooked my fancy chocolate chip cookies/brownies last night. The brownies didn't actually cook through. I'm sort of bummed by this. I'm more bummed that I bought cheap brownie mix that I didn't realize was mocha flavor. Coffee brownies. Blech.
  4. My nerves are on edge. I talked to someone on Tuesday who said she was signing up to be a chocolatier, but I haven't seen her stuff come through yet. I'm really excited to work with her and I hope it happens!
  5. This afternoon is flying by! I'm trying to do a shload of laundry so hubby can pack for a trip tomorrow, and Maggie is adamant that I need to join her 'party' downstairs, complete with party games and goody bags.
  6. It is such a beautiful day out today!!!
  7. I need to do another giant to-do list for the stuff that might get done at night when I'm lonely and have no interruptions. Yes, this office is at the top of said to-be-done list.
  8. I also need to do a list of people I've worked with in the past who I should call about having a September party. Wendy, Jessica, Anne, Jamie...as I look to my left, I see a stack of great looking postcards that could sort of plant the idea before my call. So, postcards out Monday, call next Wednesday or Thursday if I don't hear from them first? Deal!
  9. Don't worry, the above conversation was strictly with myself.
  10. If you're interested in getting some free chocolate (catalog parties available anywhere in U.S. except Alaska or Hawaii), or seeing our new fall/holiday catalog, please let me know in the comments or visit my site.

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siteseer said...

you are very random.... all over the board.