27 August 2012

Under the Wire...

Whoa - I guess writing isn't a habit yet (in spite of a very productive week or so so far...). I'm sitting here at my computer and almost forgot to post today! I've got sort of a weird bedtime routine.

Although I strongly prefer to work in 'regular' clothes, I have been doing most of my office cleaning and computer work in my PJs. And I've even got a good reason - not just, 'Hey! I'm working in my PJs!' My time to work is after I put the kids to bed, until my son wakes up hungry (at which point I get him and take him to bed with me). So, I work in my PJs in order to be ready to drop everything and hopefully keep him from getting really upset when he's hungry and still tired.

Now you know all my secrets.

Tonight, however, my daughter decided she wanted to spend the whole night sleeping in my bed, and then wake up to the alarm clock with me so we can go to the meet and greet in the morning to meet her kindergarten teacher. With me so far? So I had to get all the way ready for bed even quicker than usual, so I didn't wake her up once she was down. While she waited to be tucked in, I got my PJs on, took my jewelry off, brushed my hair, then tucked her in, fed the cat, and got to work.

Maybe sometimes I don't need to post every day. Are you still awake?

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siteseer said...

nope, I'm wasn't still awake lol I don't wear my diamonds all the time either.