23 July 2012

Happy Birthday Maggie!

Oh, my darling girl. The love of my life. I am so happy you got to do everything you wanted on your birthday.

I loved warming up your pizza for breakfast, and trying to pick the cold pepperonis off for you. For the second day in a row, we got to slowly get out new toys, one at a time, and play a bit with each one. What fun! I loved sitting on the couch with you watching a Barbie movie and helping you try all the new outfits that Mimi made on one of your new Barbies.

Just when I was ready to suggest cake as a mid-morning snack, I realized it was time to go for your planned lunch. You wanted 'the restaurant with the hoola hoops.' So we headed to Culvers. We were met by your friends Tess and Alex, and Daddy was able to get away from work to join us as well! The owner of the restaurant even brought you chocolate custard with a candle in it and asked the whole restaurant to join him and his helpers in singing Happy Birthday to you.

The biggest part of your plan came next - Chuck E Cheese! We played along with Tess and Alex til the tokens ran out. Then came the all important spending of the tickets. I was so proud when you chose vampire teeth, along with AirHeads candy and a colorful cootie catcher. You ate the candy as we still stood at the counter, and I think you lost the other two before you went to bed. But it's your birthday, and you can do that if you want to. :)

We did finally have that extra cake break in the afternoon. You and Alex chose the ice cream cake (then I finished yours after eating my own) and Tess wanted regular birthday cake. Done! You were all in a hurry so you'd have a few minutes to play before the dads came back in the picture and we had to get on with our day. So play you did - you showed off your new bed and worked on setting up a 'marrying' with Tess and your marrying box from Grandma.

Once Daddy got home (and headed out for an errand with Grandpa), I talked them into taking baby Jack with them so we could play some more. When I said you could do whatever you wanted on your birthday, you took me seriously! We set up the Barbie pool (which you'd had for a while) so your new mermaid Barbie could take a swim. And then you decide you would need a bath tonight after all (apparently the pool isn't quite big enough for three mermaids and a surfer Ken!). 

Your dinner choice was macaroni and cheese (made by mom, thanks to Kraft) and a hot dog (which you didn't really eat, but just went along with when I suggested it would be appropriate for dinner). That didn't stop us from more cake after the much anticipated bath! A quick round of your new Hedbandz game was fun for you and me and daddy, too!

I loved tucking you in and hearing all of your favorite parts of the day. I hope I can sneak away from the baby tonight and come sleep in your bed with you again - it was another birthday request, you know.

You are such a delightful girl, and I'm so, so grateful and full of joy that you chose me for your mommy. I thank my lucky stars everyday!

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siteseer said...

aww how sweet is that?! She had a fabulous day and I see that she also wore her new cowgirl boots :) She is definitely a blessing and I'm so glad she chose you too.