07 June 2012

Yay for Reviews (and Food!)

I'm not much of a cook. I can talk the talk, but I certainly do not walk the walk. I understand a lot of things about food, but I lack the motivation to actually do much with this knowledge. But in reading a recent offer I received, my stomach is rumbling and even I feel like making some munchies - if only the products I'm to review were already here!

You can try them right along with me; the pictures look great, and everything sounds easy as...er...toast..to make (I couldn't very well say 'pie' as the only pie I regularly make is Cool Whip Dream Pie!). Check out the efoods offers here to see a sampling of what I may be receiving, and what you could get at a great price. You can get a seven-day (28 serving) pack for just $24.95, or a soup-and-entree pack (five day food supply with 16 servings) for only $14.95!

Just go look, eh?

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siteseer said...

cooking can be right up there with 'necessary evil' I just do it, along with make the bed, and do the dishes.