07 June 2012

Thursday Thirteen

I'm just going for pie-in-the-sky today. I'd really like to get a lot of stuff done, and even started straightening a bit in the office, but if I could snap my fingers and have 13 things magically done, here's the first 13 things I'd name (quickly, just off the top of my head...).
  1. Jewelry shelves done so I could hang up all my new necklaces that I received today :)
  2. Desk cleared off.
  3. Chocolate literature sorted and expired stuff thrown out.
  4. Car washed.
  5. Upstairs vacuumed.
  6. Chocolate storage closet downstairs vacuumed.
  7. Business organizer updated (I know what this means...)
  8. Maggie's stuffed animal holder completed.
  9. My framed painting picked up from Jo-Ann's and hung on the dining room wall.
  10. Find a dresser for Jack's room and put his clothes away accordingly.
  11. Clear off the top of my dresser (including discarding old/unused jewelry).
  12. Start hanging pictures/artwork on the wall up the stairs.
  13. Clean off the kitchen counter that collects anything assumed to be mine or the kids'.

1 comment:

siteseer said...

did your necklace hanger get hung up Saturday? This sounds like my kind of list... I love tackling stuff like this. Definitely hard to do with two kids in tow though ;) I love making the checks on the list as things are done lol. Go ahead and 'eat that frog'.