22 June 2012

What's That Racket??

I've been watching the excitement grow at the house across the street from us all week. Tomorrow is their youngest son's graduation party. Mom's been cracking the whip on all the kids (home to help) for the past few weeks. The grass has been cut, weeds whacked, weeds by the house pulled, I saw a bench re-sanded and stained, everything watered (which pretty much leads em back to the cutting, whacking, and pulling again, but who's counting?).

 I saw the party tent go up yesterday morning around 7AM, and the tables right along with it. So I was confused to hear what sounded like a lawn tractor again tonight. Upon closer inspection, the sound was coming from the abandoned orchard on the other side of their fence. The term 'abandoned' in this case just means the guy who owns the house at the front of the property does nothing with the trees or property back by us. Unfortunately I couldn't see a thing over the fence, but I wonder if he got a used skid steer for sale or something. A regular tractor wouldn't make a dent in the mess over there, since no one has touched it in at least as long as we've lived here! Hmmm...

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