29 June 2012

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Sure is hot. No, really. But I am not complaining :)
  2. Looking forward to a fun, busy weekend! We've got a going-away party tonight for one of hubby's old co-workers, a graduation party tomorrow, then fireworks tomorrow night, and we promised Maggie she could swim in her blow-up pool on Sunday. Can't wait!
  3. I actually made a bit of progress on my office this week. I'd love to get everything caught up and the kids cooperative enough (with hubby's help, most likely) to get it looking better!
  4. Anyone else from Michigan noting a lot more fireworks action since the laws are more liberal? We've had stuff going off every night for at least a week already.
  5. I'm almost done with the invites for both of Maggie's birthday parties. She's having a kid party on Saturday, then an adult party on Sunday. None of my in-laws have kids, so we'll just meet all of the non-child-blessed couples at a pizza place then. 
  6. Anyone read any books by Brian Tracy? I had already read Eat that Frog about ending procrastination, but now I'm reading Kiss That Frog about turning negatives into positives. So far, so good. I'm tempted to read it right away again once I finish it (it isn't very long, but it is uplifting to read).
  7. I already had a chocolate party cancel for July. My original goal was six parties per month. I had six booked again for July, but the one that canceled was the first one I had scheduled, and I don't have much flexibility for dates at the end of the month (with the birthday parties and Dove Chocolate's National Conference in Baltimore). I suppose five will work too.
  8. I still need to book my flight for National Conference. I'm hoping hubby can squeeze the cash out on his end. I already settled the hotel, but since I make much less than him, I'd like to kind of take this as a sort of personal vacation and work it with the family budget, like his races and such.
  9. I'm out of the fun hand soaps I like. Maggie and I periodically hit up Bath & Body Works at the outlet mall by our house. I like their little air freshener wallflowers too.
  10. Next week is July! And a new Chocolate Drizzle newsletter. I hope it generates some good summer business for me!

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