22 June 2012

Will Work for Chocolate?

Dove Chocolate Discoveries has offered a direct sales business opportunity doing chocolate tasting parties with exclusive products since spring of 2007. I joined in August 2008. Being a chocolatier with Dove Chocolate Discoveries enables me to stay home with my kidlings while still making a decent income. My secret pleasure from my business is getting out to do the chocolate tasting parties without my kids! I could never justify a night out without them every week just because, but when I'm going to work, it takes the sting out ;)

For those who join Dove Chocolate Discoveries between now and June 30, 2012, the company is including an extra bottle of our Sweet n Smoky BBQ Sauce with your kit! A business kit is $115 (including shipping!) and has enough products and paperwork to complete four to six chocolate tasting parties.You'd recoup your initial investment by doing just two average parties!

There's more information at my website, or feel free to comment and I can contact you with more information (my comments are moderated by me - if you include personal information I will not publish your comment, but I will receive your information :) ).

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