08 June 2012

Soothing Hobby

I still remember my Grandma Smith always having a puzzle jigsaw going on a folding table in her apartment. Besides the constant candy dish on the end table, that puzzle table became a goal to have when I lived on my own. Unfortunately while I had the candy dish for a while, I've never really been able to keep the puzzle tradition going.

Originally I moved into my apartment and quickly got a cat. Cats like puzzles all right - in all the wrong ways! Now that I don't really have a cat who would disturb puzzle pieces on a table, I do have a baby who is getting ready to toddle. He pulls himself to a standing position with whatever is handy. He'd probably be really amused if pulling himself up resulted in a raining down of puzzle pieces.

Someday, Grandma Smith, I'll get back to those soothing times we spent working on your puzzles together.


The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Santa got Dick and I a puzzle last Christmas. It was fun doing it! We got it out in the evenings and put it away during the day so the kids didn't disturb it.

siteseer said...

what a wonderful memory. We recently did a puzzle while at the Fellow's cottage. It was a challenge and something we wanted to finish before going home so we stayed up very late and yes, we did finish it :)