22 June 2012

My Favorite Garage Gadget

Even my favorite of hubby's garage gadgets couldn't save us this time. A few years ago, we got him a nifty air compressor set up thingy that like hangs from the ceiling and has a hose about twelve miles long. But when there's a gaping, shredding hole in the sidewall of your tire, it doesn't matter how much air you put in, you're not going anywhere.

So here I sit, with my exposure to the outside world today being limited to the man driving the ice cream truck. At least I can relax knowing we tried everything we could before having my shiny car towed to the dealership. If we'd gotten him the Hypertherm Powermax 30 for welding way back when that he was also considering, we'd have written off attempts to repair the tire even sooner and probably not have dealt with it at all til tomorrow.

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