22 June 2012

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Is it just me, or is the weather cooling off a smidgen?
  2. My tummy feels a little wonky. I think it was the chips and salsa I finally had for lunch. Baby boy is a bit fussy today and doesn't want to be set down long enough for me to eat anything 'real'.
  3. I now have two weeks with no chocolate parties, but then I have six within about two weeks - yikes!
  4. I still need to book my flight and hotel room for conference at the end of July!!
  5. Jack tried a new trick a couple days ago - he flipped the bouncer chair that he usually sits in while I shower. So now I get up before anyone else so I can shower while the kids are still in bed with hubby. This is making me very tired, but it beats not getting a shower all day...
  6. Graduation party season has started! How many do you have in the immediate future? We have two/three (one of them is for twins) tomorrow, and one next weekend.
  7. Any advice for weak, peeling nails? I'm already taking calcium and still taking prenatal vitamins, but they're not holding up at all anymore. :(
  8. Hubby is excited to have the boat hopefully up and running tomorrow. It'll be nice to have him more available to do family stuff again. :)
  9. Maggie did a fantastic job sorting through stuffed animals yesterday. We put half of them down in the basement in a bag, and the other half are ready for my fabulous storage idea from Pinterest.
  10. Not having any plans today feels weird. I keep thinking I'm forgetting something...

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siteseer said...

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