21 June 2012

Thursday Thirteen - Who's Counting Edition

Thirteen things that make me smile :)

  1. A really good word in Words with Friends.
  2. Maggie telling me she's wearing something because it's 'style'.
  3. Hubby's random gmail chats during the day.
  4. Driving my car.
  5. Taking the kids for a walk through the neighborhood in the sun.
  6. Jack's laugh.
  7. Friendly neighbors.
  8. Matching my bitizens up with jobs they love in my Tiny Tower.
  9. Steak.
  10. Cherry Coke in the morning (or at least by lunch...).
  11. Watching Jack try to chase the cat.
  12. Seeing other people be charmed by Maggie's conversations.
  13. Waking up to my whole family within an arm's reach.

1 comment:

siteseer said...

definitely smile makers :)