09 May 2012

Sucked in Again - YAY

I go through phases where I (and usually hubby) watch a show that was on a while ago, so we can watch an episode or two every night for weeks until we're either done, or caught up to current production. That's how you've seen me talk about Ugly Betty, Drop Dead Diva, Workout, Big Love, etc..etc..etc...

Right now, we're into Breaking Bad. We just reached the end of all Netflix has to offer, but we've been able to borrow a few episodes of the next season that a friend had recorded. I'm not even sure how far it goes. The funny thing is how I start looking for the shows in my 'real' life. For instance, I see names of odd chemicals, or suggestions to buy ph meters, and I wonder if it's something Walt (from the show) would say I'd need. You know, just in case I decide to start cooking meth or something.

What shows have you been into? I especially like ones that are getting a little older, so I don't have to remember the network's schedule and can just watch whenever it works for me.

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