08 May 2012

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Damn. That wine looks delicious every time I start getting all random on Tuesday...

So I'm slowly getting back into the groove. Getting home at like 2:30AM on Sunday night (yes, that means it was actually Monday morning) pretty much made Monday a wash. So that makes this lovely Tuesday my first day back to reality, and almost all the way awake.

I wish my husband wasn't deaf to the cat's meows. She really wants to be fed, and I want to finish this before I leave my office to go back downstairs. But I'll probably have to give in and try to feed her and come back upstairs, because I don't want her meowing to wake the kids. Who are not deaf to the meows.

Okay. So now the cat is fed. And I got a glass of water while I was down there. Bonus!

1 comment:

siteseer said...

whatcha gonna do? lol feed the cat ;) too bad she doesn't meow downstairs only