11 May 2012

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Wow. First Friday home.
  2. Oops. I forgot I started this post and walked away. How random is that??
  3. I'm so proud of myself. I've been meaning to make a few calls, and keep thinking how much more convenient it is to talk on the phone while driving, but forgetting to program the numbers. Instead of saving them to my 'real' contacts, I finally just emailed the information for my calls to myself. Now I can open the email before I pull out, and click on the number - good to go!
  4. So much to do today, and I'm struggling over ten pieces of randomness?
  5. Blah
  6. You can't get any more random than #5.
  7. Hey, I'm having a Jewel Kade party at my home on May 19. If you're local and interested in attending (or not local, but still interested in ordering) please let me know :)
  8. I'm glad I posted that. It reminded me to put on my necklace (which was one of the reasons I came back in here - to get said necklace off my desk).
  9. It's time for the baby's nap, but instead he's fussing. I think I'll go quickly put him in the carseat so he'll sleep while I drive and make my calls on the way to my super-fun lunch date.
  10. What random thought is on your mind??

1 comment:

siteseer said...

no randomness here. We're camping this weekend. Enjoy your party this weekend. Hope you have a good attendance.