17 April 2012

Random Tuesday Thoughts


OMG. I almost accidentally snagged the cute lil badge without the wine glass. Maybe it was my love of Southern Comfort talking, but a glass of wine is way better than empty handed. Just sayin.

This is like record-breaking early for my random Tuesday post. Yeah, it is because I haven't yet gone to bed on Monday. I had such a good reason - I finally laid the little man down on the bed (and he stayed asleep) so I could work. Then I can't work past midnight, so voila! I had a few minutes left over before I'm tired enough to actually fall off of my yoga ball.

Okay, this isn't entirely random, but I'm so excited to share that my Dove chocolate business finally has online ordering! Check it out at http://www.mydcdsite.com/becki ! You can order any of our fabulous yumminess (including Chocolate Martini or Mudslide Mix for $5 off in April only!) and have it shipped right to your door (as long as your door exists in the 48 contiguous states - sorry, Wendy!)

The countdown is in full force - just 15 days til my fabulous trip to Punta Cana!!! Maggie finally said this morning that she won't be sad and miss me, because she's excited about our vacation 'at' Pennsylvania which happens the week after I get back. I know she'll be fine, but I'd be really relieved if she'd not be quite so devastated every time I mention that I'm leaving. Poor girl!


Stacy Uncorked said...

A glass of wine is way better than empty handed. ;)

Any pointers on getting a little man to sleep without waking up? Little Dude was an exceptionally big handful last night with his whining and waking up.

Congrats on your Dove biz - I'll be perusing the chocolatey goodness later today! ;)

I'm so jealous you're going to Punta Cana in just 15 days!! We keep talking about going back for vacation, but we're in move mode (as in, spending all our extra cash and vacation time getting the house ready to put on the market next spring so we can move back to the West Coast by next summer). We're hoping to get back there after that. Meanwhile, I'll have to live vicariously through you! :)

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Cathy Kennedy said...

Blog hopping from Stacy Uncorked. I checked out your website. What an interesting concept! The best of luck to you on your business venture! =D

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Robin said...

Have fun time on vacay!!

I am Harriet said...

Gotta love that online ordering thing.

Have a great Tuesday!

Wendy said...

Ah sometimes I feel like I live in another country... :) There should be an option to add extra shipping for those of use who live far away but still need chocolate. :)