16 April 2012

Office Décor

Contributed by Vickie Tyson

My boss asked me to go to Expertsatellite.com to get satellite television in our waiting area. I’m a secretary at a fairly new doctor’s office, so I’m asked to do things like this a lot. When I first started, I was asked to go buy the furniture, curtains, decorations etc for the office. When I took the job, I expected to make appointments and answer phones, not decorate the office. I’m not complaining though, I actually enjoy decorating, especially when someone else is footing the bill. The waiting area for children was the most fun I think. I have yet to have my first child, so I went crazy when decorating that area. I decided to do a space theme and hired my sister to do the mural. She is truly gifted, so it turned out perfect. My second favorite part of the room is the rocket shaped sofas that I found. My boss still can’t believe how amazing it looks. I’m starting to think I should get a job decorating and leave my secretary days behind me.

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