17 April 2012


I love that Maggie now has such a spacious room for her stuff and can (and does!) enjoy playing in her bedroom for a change too. But because it is so big, it's getting easy to shove stuff to the corners and still have a lot of open floor in the middle. Uh-oh! Right now I've got a relatively short list of minor projects that will make her space easier to utilize:
  1. Organize her built in desk space so her art supplies and games can be conveniently accessed and used. Keep her jewelry and a personalized bible she received as a gift on the shelf on display, and safe from playing hands. 
  2. Put together her old dresser to hold her stuffed animals. I saw several things on Pinterest where they made an open space (like that left by the missing cabinet door on her old dresser) into a 'zoo' cage with bungies across the front and the animals tucked inside. 
  3. Reorganize her toy bins (again!) so there isn't overflow on the floor by them.
  4. Straighten and re-prioritize the hooks behind her door so they just contain wearable coats and jackets.
  5. Use the drawers on her old dresser (there are only two) for blankets and such that don't need to be frequently used.
It's nice to have a list...it's not quite so easy to put it all in place while holding her 20 lb brother ;) It'll happen eventually.

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